Elon Musk's idea - Hyperloop, would allow passengers to travel faster than ever before. The proposed technology could take a traveler from LA to SF in 30 minutes! I explored what the experience would be like to book travel. 








What is out there?

The first step to any project is learning about the competitive landscape. In this case, I wanted to know what other travel booking sites look like. How do they function? what works and what doesn’t?




What will the experience be like?

I examined what the user’s end to end experience would be like. How would they book their travel? what do they do to check-in? and how will they board?





What is the structure?

I wanted to figure out where all the necessary features would live within the app. This was essential to determine what would be on the menu launcher.






How would a user book their trip?

I thought about the tasks required for a user to book their trip. By creating simple task flows I could move to wireframes and then visual designs.






Look and Feel. 

After creating the look and feel for the app. I moved on to designing an animated prototype.



Animated Prototype